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5 DVD Series


The Legacy Series is an in-depth, verse by verse walkthrough of each of the books of the Bible with Dr. Mike Brown! 


The books of James & Jude were written by the two half-brothers of Jesus. at one time they and the rest of His Family thought The Lord was "beside himself" or delusional. But now, convinced of their half brother's true identity as The Son of God, they are used mightily of the Holy Spirit in writing these two insightful books.



  • The power and benefits of enduring testings
  • The wisdom of God
  • The prayer of Faith
  • The danger of being double minded and how to avoid it
  • The process of temptation and how to conquer it
  • Doers of the Word * Avoiding partiality
  • The relationship of faith and works
  • The danger of an uncontrolled tongue and the only way to conquer it
  • A Comparison of Godly wisdom and earthly wisdom
  • Why some do not receive answers to their prayers
  • Avoiding worldliness
  • Submission to God & resistance of evil
  • The power of strength and endurance



Jude is used by The Holy Spirit to give a serious warning and a detailed description of false teachers and doctrines in the church leading to apostasy. He pulls no punches in identifying the traits of such heresies and false prophets.

  • The great necessity of contending for the true faith
  • 26 Identifiers of false teachers
  • Building up your Faith
  • Praying in The Holy Ghost
  • Keeping yourself in the love of God
  • God's ability to keep us in the midst of False teaching

DVD - James & Jude

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