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4 DVD Series


The Legacy Series is an in-depth, verse by verse walkthrough of each of the books of the Bible with Dr. Mike Brown! 


John, more than any other of the 12 Apostles, shared a closeness with the Lord during His ministry on the earth. He began as a Son of Thunder, but the ministry of Jesus molded him to become the Apostle of love.


Some of the major theme of these three epistles are...

  • What we know. Know is a key word in his writings, and he repeatedly deals with what we know as believers and how we know it.
  • The evidence of our relationship with The Lord
  • What the Blood of Christ has done for us
  • The pattern of a true disciples walk
  • Loving God and one another
  • What we say must be proven by how we walk - Separation from the world
  • The abiding Anointing
  • Evidences that we truly love God
  • Discerning False spirits
  • The real and the phony in the church
  • and much more...

DVD - I, II, & III John

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