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There are 3 basic levels of productivity in the Body of Christ. There are believers, receivers, and achievers. Mentors are interested in producing achievers! God provides mentors and fathers. Proteges discover and pursue them.

A mentor is a coach, a counselor, a guide, a consultant, an instructor, and a teacher. They have an obsession to provide for, promote, and protect their proteges.

A protege is one who recognizes, honors, and pursues mentorship, and because of that, enjoys the benefits associated therewith. 


Moses mentored Joshua...Naomi mentored Ruth...Samuel mentored David...Elijah mentored Elisha...Jesus mentored the twelve...Paul mentored Timothy.


  • 7 Benefits of Mentorship
  • 10 Facts about an anointed Protege
  • Biblical examples of Mentorship
  • What Mentorship can release in your life
  • The character traits of Proteges

Download - Law of Mentorship

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