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If you tolerate poison ivy being sown into your life get ready to scratch! Tolerance is all the rage of the 21st century. It invites everyone with any belief under the "big tent" of tolerance. Nothing will be challenged and change will not be expected.
The Bible view is radically different. It teaches plainly there is good and bad, right and wrong, and they should never mix. Being intolerant of what God is intolerant of will keep you free from the trap of tolerance and its consequences.


  • The Word view or the world view
  • "You were born to think like man. You were born again to think like God."
  • The God of the Bible is longsuffering, yet intolerant.
  • God's love demonstrated on the cross demands His intolerance.
  • The 7 goals of tolerance
  • 7 Characteristics of tolerance

Download - Law of Intolerance

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