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4 CD Series


The seed is pre-programmed with tremendous power to produce supernatural results when planted correctly in the proper soil with a strong expectation of harvest.
God is the greatest sower in history. God the father sowed His son in order to reap a harvest of a glorious church. Jesus sowed His very life on the cross in order to reap the harvest of redeeming you and I from our sin. The Holy Spirit constantly sows His very presence within us as well as His guidance and wisdom daily in order to reap a productive church full of strength and wisdom.

God has placed many seeds in your hands. You must discover them, plant them and expect a tremendous harvest personally, and for the Kingdom of God.
In this series Dr. Brown will teach you:

  • You are a living dispenser of seeds
  • How to release what you have to obtain what you don't have
  • 6 Major powers of the seed
  • The Daily seed
  • The Respect seed
  • The Obedience seed
  • The Targeted seed
  • The Precious seed
  • The Expectation seed
  • How to reap you supernatural harvest

CD - The Power of the Seed

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