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2 CD Series


One of the most dangerous traps to a strength and wisdom disciple is the trap of false assumption. Being naive and making assumptions that are not based on God’s Word and the voice of the Holy Spirit can paralyze or destroy the successful completion of your assignment. This wisdom series is one of the most unique teachings you will ever receive.


In these two CDs Dr. Brown will coach you concerning 132 false assumptions you need to avoid.

•  Never Assume those who walk with you in celebration
   will stand with you in tribulation.
•  Never Assume the Anointing compensates for a
   lack of knowledge.
•  Never Assume God is speaking through an opportunity.
•  Never Assume because it is tradition, it is correct.
•  Never Assume a decision is small or inconsequential.
•  Never Assume what you tolerate will get better.  
•  ...and MANY more dangerous false assumptions.

CD - Never Assume

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