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Most of us can relate to God as a Father. We have an understanding of God the Son because the gospels teach us where He was born, what He taught, the miracles He did, and His death, burial, and resurrection. But, the Holy Spirit is too often considered a mystical force or a supernatural presence that cannot really be related to.

In fact the Holy Spirit is the most intimately involved member of the God-head in our daily lives. He is our guide, our teacher, our comforter, and much more.


  • The importance of the Holy Spirit
  • The titles of the Holy Spirit
  • 26 Facts concerning the Holy Spirit
  • The 7 Fold anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • How the Holy Spirit speaks and how to hear His voice
  • The protocol of the Holy Spirit
  • What the Holy Spirit loves
  • What the Holy Spirit hates

CD - Hearing the Holy Spirit

    JOB 12:13

    With HIM [God] is wisdom and strength. He hath counsel and understanding.




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