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  • The culture doesn't know it!
  • Most of the church doesn't know it!
  • Government has no understanding of it!
  • Marriages die because of the absence of it.

It is the Master Key to Favor. It is the combination that opens the safe of opportunities. It is a fragrant aroma to the senses of God Himself. It is one of the rarest commodities on the face of the entire Planet!... HONOR!


In this audio series Dr. Mike Brown brings revelation and illumination concerning this subject that so few understand. 31 Chapters. 31 Strength and Wisdom Pillars about Honor that can set your life on a new course. Honor is the vertical Golden Rule! Honor must be extended vertically to God, inwardly to self and horizontally to others. Honor is the closest atmosphere on Earth to the atmosphere of Heaven Honor is the action springing from the attitude of respect.


This series will take you on a discovery of Honor, the key that can open many doors!

CD - 31 Pillars of Honor

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