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If you are like most people, you long to be recognized, hunger to be included and want to feel part of something greater than yourself. Living in a fast-forward culture, it’s easy to feel overlooked, forgotten or uninvited. We know God has more for us, but it seems like the cares of daily life steal away our time with the Father. If we are not careful the courage to live out our dreams will slip away without a fight.


In this 312 page devotional fifty-one women share life altering stories, private moments of faith and encouraging words of truth. Each day’s reading will inspire you to live your best life. To push away lies that make you feel unloved, less than or unworthy. Within the first week of reading this book, you will begin moving down the path to reclaiming your confidence.



Contributing Author, Karen Brown:

Karen Brown is the Executive Administrator of Strength & Wisdom Ministries in Branson, Missouri.  She has dedicated her life to serving God, and using her gifts to minister to the hurting and lost. Karen serves alongside her husband, Dr. Mike Brown, in full-time ministry and is a mother and grandmother. 


As an encourager and mentor, Karen also operates with great giftings of mercy and exhortation and in the gift of healing.  She is passionate about teaching women to be all that God has called them to be as Godly wives and mothers. In WEEK 31 of The Invitation to Intimacy with God, Karen speaks to you of faith and healing.

Book - The Invitation

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