106 pages


Reclaiming the Lost Diamond of Honor...Discovering the unlimited potential of demonstrating honor and receiving its incredible rewards. Elevating your level of Honor will elevate your level of success. Honor moves you from the land of "I have to" to the land of "I get to". The Honor life is the abundant life!

A diamond of incomparable value has been lost Its many faceted brilliance that brought admiration is barely remembered. It is the diamond of Honor. When discovered this Honor jewel becomes a master key unlocking incredible wisdom, favor, and opportunities. In this teaching you will discover tremendous principles that will elevate you to new dimensions of fulfillment.

  • 7 Keys to understanding Honor
  • Sources of Honor and Dishonor
  • 20 Benefits of Honor
  • 20 Consequences of Dishonor
  • Recognizing opportunities to honor God and receive Honor from God
  • How to demonstrate Honor
  • Strength Trainers to make you strong in both giving and receiving Honor

Book - Honor