128 pages


"Focusing on the God-Inspired Picture of You and Your Destiny Attracts the Partnership, Favor, and Wisdom of God."


You will be elevated to new levels as Dr. Brown trains you in EXPECTATION PRINCIPLES such as:

  • The Strength of Unbroken Focus
  • How God Will Imprint The Picture Of Your Future On Your Mind
  • Qualifying For God's Expectation
  • Expectation That Produces Motivation and Energy
  • 7 Deadly Poisons That Will Destroy Expectation
  • Are You A "Terminator" Or A "De-terminator"?
  • 7 Factors That Cause People To Decide To Quit
  • The Strength Trainer or Strength Drainer Of Your Associations
  • The Only Way You Can Please God

Book - Expectation